Racing Facilities

Track Maintainance Overview

Before Racing – 3″ harrow, tyre pack and level then gradual compaction, water applied by hoses then further compaction followed by further watering as required. After pre race trials hand raking of bends followed by further plating and watering if required

Weekly Schedule – 4″ harrow using Howard Rotivator and tyre pack followed by upkeep of banking and gradients (adding fresh sand where needed)to maintain surface drainage.

Monthly Schedule – 6″ deep harrow with Howard Rotivator plus all of the above

Every effort is made to provide the greyhounds with the safest possible circuit to race on, the bends are cambered to assist them in turning and a complete new inside running rail was installed in 2006. The kennels all have an individual air brick and are also air conditioned to keep the greyhounds comfortable in all weather conditions. Specially designed foam composite mats provide the greyhounds both comfort and hygene whilst they are kenneled.

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